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Like the city itself, many of Atlanta's neighborhoods have rich histories whose stories are told through the architecture of their buildings.  Recent efforts by preservationists and community members have led to the creation of numerous Historic Districts, which serve to protect these older homes and neighborhoods while permitting the continued evolution of the communities.  Adam Stillman Residential Design specializes in designing renovations within the strict regulations of these districts to provide homeowners with the opportunity to make their home that of their dreams.

This bungalow has a “troubled history” including division into multiple small apartments and, according to long-time neighbors, the destruction of its original porch by means of a chain saw.  Renovations will create a duplex suitable for the owners’ family and a lower level tenant.

Originally constructed as a single family residence in 1905, this house was divided into a duplex and then fourplex.  Abandoned for several years, the structure fell into disrepair, but extensive renovations returned the home to its former Victorian grandeur. A steeply sloping lot allows for extensive use of the home’s basement, while the steeply sloped roofs allow children’s bedrooms to be “tucked away” in the attic.


What started life as a modest two bedroom bungalow now becomes a family home for a young Atlanta couple.  A new master suite and sunroom carefully integrated into the rear of the house will allow renovations to the front of the house that maintain the structure’s scale and proportions.

AfterThis over/under duplex sat neglected for years but now gets new life as a single-family home.  Careful detailing brings out its Dutch Colonial features outside, while the interior gets updated to include modern conveniences and amenities.

Main and Upper Floor Plans

BeforeBefore Renovation

AfterA two story addition transforms this 1920s two bedroom bungalow into a four bedroom home with an all-new kitchen, 2-car garage, and master bedroom suite.  Careful consideration of exterior materials and colors help the home maintain the character of this historic neighborhood.

BeforeBefore Renovation

AfterRe-opening a screen porch restores this Colonial Revival's charm and lets the homeowners enjoy views of the adjacent park.  An addition carefully tucked behind the house provides a true master suite with all the luxuries of a new home without compromising the home's historic proportions.

Floor Plans

BeforeBefore Renovation